About the Brown
Roof Studios


In 2020, Brown roof studios was created in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, by the union of two aspiring comic studios, MC multiverse and Inspiron studios both founded by young creators. Inspiron and Mc multiverse came together with the common goal of telling rich African stories based off African themes to portray the African heritage at its best

The Name

Many people have asked the question, 'why BROWN ROOF?' It's undeniable that Brown roof studios is an odd name for a comic book studio, but isn't that the whole idea behind the concept of creativity? 'ODD.'Brown roof as a name was chosen because of what it symbolised. In the city of Ibadan, from an aerial view, the widespread of brown roofs is its most distinctive feature. This lovely and unique appearance is also common to many Nigerian/African cities.Brown roofs ideally signify how old and original the settlement is and at Brown roof studios we stand firm on telling our stories based on old and original local stories and history.

The Team

Brown roof studios believe in teamwork, this is because brown roof studios is powered by a team of creators.The studio was born out of a collective dream, the dream of young, talented, African creators.  The cofounders of Brown roof studios are all very passionate about the studio and the art of comic books. Brown roof studios is a team, and as our beloved audience, we see you as a part of the team cause your support contributes to our goal.


Brown roof studios is experienced in taking commissions for interested creators, we can make your book covers, create characters and help you get that dream comic book done by our skilled team. We’ve worked and collaborated with quite a number of creators both locally and overseas. For more details regarding our services and advertisement in our books, kindly find our contacts and reach out to us. We are waiting...

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