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Jakuta Issue 4

After surviving the cold hands of death, Jakuta decides to be better prepared for his future enemies. With information he gets from Gbonka, he sets off to power up!
But, real power comes at a cost and never comes easy...
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Jakuta Issue 3

To be King is to lead but only the living can lead. Now the 3rd Alaafin of the great oyo empire sleeps between life and death.
Can Alaafin Jakuta be cured in time to lead his empire? Or would the king sleep  permanently?
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Jakuta Issue 2

Oyo is set for a new dawn but there are forces that would rathersee a different sunrise. The truth would set you free but, in this case, Jakutalearns a truth that contradicts the common expectation of freedom.

Jakuta 2 (Artist’s edition)

Enjoy this beautiful artist edition of Jakuta issue 2 by Anuu Okereafor Aanuoluwa

Jakuta Issue 1

Alaafin Ajaka, the second king of the Oyo Empire has finallybeen captured by Olowu, king of the Owu kingdom. A countdown is set for theAlaafins execution and the death of The Alaafin would mean the downfall of theOyo empire but the Oyo mesi refuse to turn blind to hope. Oyo mesi Bashorun issent to reach out to the last resort the empire has to survive this awaitingdoom, to bring back Jakuta.

Jakuta 1 (Artist’s edition)

Enjoy this beautiful artist edition of Jakuta issue 1 by Pitch4constant Ariyibi Toluwalase

Jakuta Christmas Special 2

What is Christmas without family? Even Jakuta agrees that family is something to be thankful for and what better time to do this if not Christmas?

Jakuta Christmas Special 1

It’s the season of giving and Jakuta would be giving out cheer with a nice dose of humor.
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